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Tianma TFT Displays

Tianma TFT Display

Tianma Europe GmbH offers a wide range of industrial TFT displays with excellent product quality and long-term availability.

Due to different features such as:

  • very wide, symmetrical viewing angle
  • high brightness
  • long-life LED backlight
  • integrated LED converter

these TFT displays are perfect for a multitude of applications. Our product range includes sizes from 5.7 to 19" (14.478 to 48.26cm) so you will find the right display for your project.For easy installation we offer industrial VGA/DVI/Video kits or digital signage HDMI(HDCP)/DisplayPort kits (depending on the version).



Super Fine TFT (SFT) Technology - what is it?

SFT is a technology providing a particularly wide viewing angle to Tianma TFT displays. Even from the sides the displayed image remains bright, rich in contrast and true to color. SFT displays achieve viewing angles of up to v/h 176°/176°.

How does it work?
In many TFT displays, the electric field for the TFT cells is applied perpendicular to the display surface. The liquid crystals align themselves in the same way, so that the image brightness and color change with the viewing angle. In SFT displays, the electric field for the TFT cells is applied parallel to the surface. As a result, the liquid crystals also align themselves in parallel: image brightness and color or gray scale contrast are not influenced by the viewing angle.

SFT Technology