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Panasonic 10" TFT display with impressive image quality

Panasonic TFT Display VVX10F087J00

The display is controlled via an eDP interface. For quick and easy operation, we offer a plug-and-play kit solution including our TFT controller PrismaECO-eDP and all the necessary accessories.

The PCAP Touchscreen TP-DD1000-A00 turns the display into an interactive unit with 10 touch points. The HID compatible USB Touch Controller is integrated on flat cable (Chip-on-Flex). We developed this touchscreen especially for the VVX10F087J00, which can be mounted perfectly on the display due to an adhesive surface.

Do you need a compact and high-resolution TFT display in a different size? In our brochure we summarise the corresponding products for you.

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